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Electronic ControlsDOCCourse Evaluation

PDFElectronic Controls Practical Examination

DOCElectronic Controls V1 64 Hours

PDFElectronic Controls V2 80 Hours

PPTElectronic Controls

DOCSoild State Fundamentals for Electricians

High voltage testingPDFThe Lowdown on Meggering
Print Reading, Troubleshooting, Electrical DistributionPPTBasic Print Reading

PPTElectrical Distribution

PDFElectrical Print Reading

PPTElectrical Print Reading

PPTSwitchgear Circuit Breaker

Turbine Crane Design and MaintenancePDFTurbine Crane LP

PPTTurbine Crane OBJ 1 Loads

PPTTurbine Crane OBJ 2 Design

PPTTurbine Crane OBJ 8 Preventive Maintenance

PPTTurbine Crane OBJ 9 Troubleshooting

PPTTurbine Crane Objective 7 Operation

PPTTurbine Crane Training Objective 3

PPTTurbine Crane Training

Emergency Diesel GeneratorPPTBasic Generator Theory, EDG

PPTEDG Engine and Generator Controls Troubleshooting

PDFEDG Print Reading Fiber Optics

PPTEDG Print Reading Fiber Optics

PDFEDG Speed Control System

PPTEDG Speed Control System

PDFEDG Voltage Control System

Power Conversion, Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers and SwitchgearPDFMedium Voltage Circuit Breakers and Switchgear

PPTPower Conversion Battery Charger Class

Splices, Large Termination, AmpPPTInstallation Criteria Cold Shrink Splices

PDFLarge Termination_Amp

PPTLarge Terminations and Raychem

Turbine CranesPDFPolar Crane

PPTTurbine Cranes (Polar Crane)
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I & C
Balance of PlantPDFBalance of Plant Engineered Safety Features Actuation System

PPTBalance of Plant Engineered Safety Features Actuation System
Digital Feedwater Control SystemPDFDigital Feedwater Control System

PPTDigital Feedwater Control System
Fire Detection and Protection SystemsDOCCarbon Dioxide–Fire Protection System

PPTFire Detection & Protection System

DOCHalon–Fire Protection System

DOCOperation and Interface–Fire Detection System

DOCOverview–Fire Detection and Protection

DOCWater Protection–Fire Protection System

Loop-Design, Calibration, Troubleshooting, Industry EventsPDFCoding and Configuration (Foxboro SPEC 200)

PPTCoding and Configuration

PPTIndustry Events

PPT Loop Calibration drawings

PDFInstrument Isolation and Restoration

PPT Loop Calibration, Control and Troubleshooting

PDFLoop Control

PDFLoop Troubleshooting

PPTLoop Tuning

PPTSystematic Troubleshooting

Plant SystemsDOCAuxiliary Feedwater System

DOCChemical and Oily Waste Water

DOCChemical and Volume Control System

DOCCirculating Water

DOCCondensate and Feedwater Systems

DOCCourse Introduction

DOCElectrical Systems

DOCEssential Ventilation Systems

DOCExtraction Steam and Heater Drain

DOCFire Protection Systems

DOCFuel Handling and Storage Systems

DOC Fuel Pool Cooling and Cleanup System

DOC Main Steam System

DOC Main Turbine System

DOC Non-Safety Related Cooling Water Systems

DOC Radioactive Waste Management

DOC Reactor Coolant System

DOC Safety Injection

DOC Safety Related Cooling Water

DOC Service Air and Gas Systems

Reactor Power Cutback SystemPDFCourse Overview Reactor Power Cutback System

PDFReactor Power Cutback System

PPTReactor Power Cutback System

Supplemental Protection Logic AssemblyPDFCourse Overview–Supplemental Protection Logic Assembly

PDFSupplemental Protection Logic Assembly
Control Element Drive Mechanism SystemPDFControl Element Drive Mechanism System

PPTControl Element Drive Mechanism System

PDFCourse Overview Control Element Drive Mechanism System
Engineered Safety Features Actuation SystemPDFBalance of Plant_ESFAS

PDFCourse Overview

PDFNID18C000103 signed scanned copy

PDFPlant Protection System

PPTPlant Protection System
Gaseous Radwaste and Explosive Gas MonitorPDFDiagnostic and Service Center

PDFExplosive Gas Monitor System

PPTGaseous Radwaste and Explosive Gas Monitor

PDFGaseous Radwaste and Explosive Gas Monitor

PDFGaseous Radwaste Explosive Gas Monitoring System

PDFSensor Rebuild
Neutron Monitoring Excore SystemPDFBasic Excore Laboratory Practical Evaluation

PDFCourse Overview

PPTExcore Neutron Monitoring

PDFSafety Channel Excore

PDFStart-up_Control Excore System
Process Measurment and Control EquipmentPDFFlow Control Valves (Pneumatic)

PPTFlow Control Valves (Pneumatic)

PDFFlow Measurement

PPTFlow Measurement

PDFLevel Measurement

PPTLevel Measurement

PPTMeasurement System

PDFPneumatic Instruments

PPTPneumatic Instruments

PDFPressure Measurement

PPTPressure Measurement

PDFTemperature Measurement

PPTTemperature Measurement
Reactor Regulating SystemPDFReactor Regulating System

PPTReactor Regulating System
VibrationPDFVibration and Loose Parts
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Diesel EnginesPDF Air Start System

PDF Auxiliary Drive and Camshaft

PDF Bearings

PDF Combustion Air System

PDF Control System

PDF Cooling Water System

PPT Emergency Diesel Generator

PDF Emergency Diesel_Description

PPT Filter Housing

PDF Fuel System

PPT Head Removal

PDF Heads, Liners, Pistons and Connecting Rods

PPT Intercooler

PDF Lubrication System

PPT Over speed Trip Issue in unit 3

PDF Turning Gear

TESTS - DOC Question Bank_ Diesels

Diesel Engines - TestsDOC Question Bank_ Diesels
Heat ExchangersPDF Construction and Operation_ Heat Exchangers
PDF Heat Exchangers
PPT Heat Exchangers
PDF Inspection and Cleaning_Heat Exchangers
PDF Tube Maintenance_Heat Exchangers
Tests - DOC Test Bank_Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers - TestsTests - DOC Test Bank_Heat Exchangers
Lathe and Milling MachinesPDF Common Milling Machine Operations
PDF Course Overview
PPT General Snubbers Drawings
DOC Lathe Operations
PPT Lathe Operations
PDF Machinging In A Chuck
PDF Machining Between Centers
PDF Mechanical and Hydraulic Snubbers
PDF Milling Machine Components
DOC Milling Machine Operations
PPT Milling Machine Operations
PPT RCP Snubber Images
PDF Safety and Introduction to Lathe Operations
PDF Snubber Identification and Inspection
PDF Snubber Prerequisites
Test - DOC Lathe Operations
Test - DOC Milling Machine Operations
Lathe and Milling Machines - TestsTest - DOC Lathe Operations
Test - DOC Milling Machine Operations
Site WeldingPPT Hanger Drawing Samples
PDF Pipe Supports and Hangers
PPT Pipe Supports and Hangers
PDF Site Welding Safety
PPT Site Welding Safety
Tests (Password Protected) DOC Weld Safety
Site Welding - TestDOC Weld Safety
TurbinesJPG Hood Gib key 1
JPG Hood Gib key 2
JPG Hood Gib key 3
DOC Large Steam Turbine Generator
PPT Large Steam Turbine Generator
PDF Mechanical Maintenance Training
JPG Turb Brg bluing
JPG Turb brg oil hole blue
PDF Turbine Inspections
PDF Turbine Operation and Component Identification
PDF Turbine Rework
PDF Turbine Rotor Removal
Fire ProtectionPDF Components of Fire Protection Systems
PPT Fire Protection
PDF Valves of the Fire Protection System
HVACPDF AC Units Job Qualification Card
PDF Calibrate Chiller Controls and Indicators
PDF Calibrate Chiller Water Flow Transmitters and Rate Meters
PDF Chiller High Voltage Motor Terminations
PDF Chiller Maintenance
PDF CO2 Units
PDF Course Overview
PDF Diesel Air Dryers
DOC Freeze Seals Laboratory Practical Evaulation
PDF Generrex AC Unit
DOC INPO-Freeze Sealing Events
DOC Movie notes (do not have the movie)
PDF Multiplexer and Gas Turbine AC Units
PDF Nitrogen Freeze Seal
Tests (Password Protected) PDF HVAC Test Bank
HVAC - TestsTest - PDF HVAC Test Bank
Test - DOC NMH06
Reactor Head and Components Repair and TroubleshootingPDF Basic MST Construction
DOC DSTT Setpoint Information
DOC DSTT Setup and Adjustment (2)
DOC DSTT Setup and Adjustment
PDF Maintenance of MST
PDF Mechanical Seal Assemblies
PDF MST Operation and Troubleshooting
PDF Multi Stud Tensioner Lab Practical
DOC Operate Reactor Head_troubleshoot and repair MST Lab Practical Evaluation
PDF Pump Disassembly and Reassembly
PDF Reactor Coolant Pump Bearings and Seals
DOC Reactor De-Stack
DOC Reactor Head Assembly
DOC Reactor Head Reactor De-Stack
DOC Reactor Head
DOC Reactor Restack
DOC Reactor Support Components
DOC Reactor Vessel Head Multi-Stud Tensioner-partial
DOC Remove and Reinstall Reactor Head for Refueling
PDF Seal Replacement
PDF Thrust Bearing Maintenance
DOC Troubleshoot and Repair MST Lab Practical Evaluation
Reactor Head and Components Repair and Troubleshooting - TestTest - coming soon
Surveillance TestingPDF Surveillance Testing
Tests (Password Protected) DOC Surveillance Testing Testbank
Surveillance Testing - TestTests - DOC Surveillance Testing Testbank
Valves PPT Air Operated Valve Calibration
PDF Overview
PDF PM Inspection of Limitorque Actuators
PDF Rotork Actuator PM Inspection
PPT Rotork PM Inspection (continuing)
PDF Valve Services