RCNET Module: Nuclear Cyber Security

Nuclear Cyber Security Module Description: 

This module was created by the Regional Center for Nuclear Education and Training (RCNET) and is an introduction to Securing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems. This module will help students understand and identify the necessary steps taken to secure a SCADA environment. This module will facilitate the increasingly urgent need to strengthen the security of our industrial networks and automation systems. Even though the attacks themselves will continue to evolve, the methods provided here will help to prepare against the inevitable advancement of industrial network threat. Module materials include a lesson plan, a PowerPoint lecture and notes, pre and post assessments and answer keys, glossaries, resources, and suggested readings.

Module Downloads:

Module Contents:

The lesson plan contains information about the module, nine learning objectives, a module schedule, a list of materials needed, a lesson plan and scope of work, references, and supplemental and enrichment material.

The PowerPoint presentation provides learning objectives, module topics, an introduction, a SCADA systems overview, and information on cyber security, impacting control systems, ICS attack surface, possible incident scenarios, six nuclear case studies, specific actions to increase the security of SCADA networks, and future challenges.

A pre assessment test is included to determine students pre-existing knowledge about securing SCADA systems. A post assessment is included to determine what students have learned throughout the module. Answer keys are provided for each assessment.

Supplemental materials include a glossary, a list of acronyms, and lists of resources and suggested readings.