RCNET Module: Nuclear Robotics

Nuclear Robotics Module Description: 

This module was created by the Regional Center for Nuclear Education and Training (RCNET) and is an introduction to general robotics, robot operating systems, and the benefits and applications of robotics in nuclear technology. The module discusses what a robot is and the advantages robots can provide to the nuclear industry. Upon completion of this module, students will be able to:
1. Identify what constitutes a robot.
2. Identify Nuclear Applications of Robotics, both current and future.
3. Enumerate and describe the basic methods of robot control.
4. Identify and discuss functions and limitations of nuclear robotic systems.
5. Describe the basics of the Robot Operating System.
6. Define open/closed loop control and degrees of freedom. Module materials include a lesson plan, a PowerPoint presentation and lecture notes, a hands-on activity, and pre and post assessments and answer keys.

Module Downloads:

Module Contents:

The lesson plan includes information about the module, six learning outcomes, a module schedule, a list of materials needed, a lesson plan and lecture notes, lessons learned and takeaways, a list of related concepts, references, and a list of supplement and enrichment material.

The PowerPoint presentation includes learning objectives, module topics, an introduction to robotics, and provides information on robot applications, nuclear robotic applications, nuclear energy and robots, nuclear medicine and robots, waste management and robots, Fukushima and robots, robot components, Robot Operating System (ROS), concepts relating to robotics, and education and certification.

The hands-on activity is intended to demonstrate the robotic concepts outlined in the lesson plan.

A pre assessment test is included to determine students pre-existing knowledge about robotics and nuclear applications. A post assessment is included to determine what students have learned throughout the module. Answer keys are provided for each assessment.