RCNET Module: Nuclear Mavericks Module

Nuclear Mavericks Module Description:

This Nuclear Mavericks module consists of the Nuclear Mavericks Info Sheet, RCNET Module Nuclear Mavericks PDF, Lesson Plan, a PowerPoint Presentation, and Discussion and Presentation Rubrics intended to use with the textbook Nuclear Mavericks:
A Biographical Compilation of Men and Women Who Shaped the Nuclear Workforce.  By incorporating the Nuclear Mavericks textbook into program, students will become familiar with and have a better understanding of pride and ownership in a STEM field and be able to apply lessons learned and takeaways to their own training.

Module Downloads:

Module Contents:

The Lesson Plan contains information on the module including
an introduction and brief lesson description, learning objectives
and outcomes,module procedures, materials needed, a lesson plan
and scope of work, lessons learned and takeaways for each book
chapter, and supplemental and enrichment material.

The PowerPoint presentation provides a brief description of the
textbook, five module learning objectives, and slides for each chapter.
Slides provide information on important nuclear workforce individuals
and takeaways.

• RCNET Discussion Rubric and Presentation Rubric are provided
for grading.

• The Nuclear Mavericks Info Sheet provides some basic information
about the textbook.

• The RCNET Module Nuclear Mavericks PDF includes all components
of the module in one document.