COVID-19 Crisis Response

The rapid online response in education to the COVID-19 crisis was nothing short of amazing.  Bravo to the heroes in education!  RCNET took to the challenge as well and is pleased to share the following resources to help with academic continuity:

1) RCNET’s free online course library. 16 courses built to QM standards & segmented by learning outcomes so faculty can easily embed specific topics without having to redesign a whole course.

2) Virtual Content / Recruitment.  A perfect match appeared between high schools looking for content to fill the day and college programs’ outreach activities having been postponed. RCNET has arranged and led virtual discussions with students regarding the technical careers that will be in high demand independent and because of COVID-19.  Fields, and associated academic pathways, addressed include energy, cyber, coding, data science, biotechnology, robotics, and drones.  RCNET, CREATE, and NextEra Energy are putting on a series – check the calendar below for upcoming dates.

3) ATE Central Office Hours.  2 sessions designed to share challenges and solutions for teaching and operating programs remotely.

4) Article: “COVID-19, Higher-Ed, and What the Future Holds“, to be published by CORD in the first newsletter of Preparing Technicians for the Future of Work.

Please contact us if your school or program  needs help during this COVID-19 Crisis

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