Nuclear Mavericks

Nuclear Mavericks: A Biographical Compilation of the Men & Women Who Shaped the Nuclear Workforce

Nuclear technologies play a critical role in many fields, including space exploration, the defense industry, medical diagnosis and treatment, energy generation, and next generation manufacturing.

Having a technically skilled workforce that understands these technologies and can apply them in situ is critical to the continued advancement of society.

However, the United States has hit a crossroad. The vast majority of the nuclear mavericks who developed and launched these nuclear fields are about to retire. While academic training programs have emerged across the nation to capture and pass on their wisdom and knowledge, it is hard to replace their passion and pride. RCNET commissioned this book to present the biographies of nine such pioneers with the hope of passing on their traits to the next generation. Through the eyes of the nuclear mavericks, the reader will see the blood, sweat, tears, and ultimate smiles that went into building America’s nuclear industries.

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RCNET also designed a Nuclear Mavericks module which consists of the Nuclear Mavericks Info Sheet, RCNET Module Nuclear Mavericks PDF, Lesson Plan, a PowerPoint Presentation, and Discussion and Presentation Rubrics intended to use with the textbook Nuclear Mavericks. Click here to download the module materials.